Form of retraction

Right of retractation:

Time of retractation 14 clear days to turn over, with your expenses, the products not being appropriate to you. These deadlines run as from the shortly after the reception of the product to be completed the fourteenth day at midnight.


- These expired deadlines, you do not lay out any more this right of retractation. In order to assure the good management of the returns, we invite you to announce beforehand your return complete Return of the order: packing of origin with their packing of origin, the unit having to be intact and in good state.

- To accompany your return by the invoice. Refunding or the exchange supposes that you did not damage the product, or that you did not return it incomplete.


- Very product which will have been assembled will not be taken into account by the warranty of return. Do not turn over a product without to have obtained a number of return beforehand.

it dispatch date of your message of request for return is taken for the exercise of your right. ----After agreement the object will have to be reforwarded above at the address, in its packing of origin (if there is one of them), not used.


them shipping costs return and the initially committed shipping costs remain completely with the load of the purchaser. Only the purchase will be the object of a refunding, under a 14 days maximum delay after reception of the return and provided this one answers the conditions here present. engaged by the purchaser in the event of error of our leave you will be completely to refund.

- Any turned over, damaged incomplete object



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